Maha Saptami 2021: Wishes images, Quotes, Status, Wallpapers, Messages, photos, Greetings for Subho Maha Saptami

Maha Saptami 2021: Wishes images, Quotes, Status, Wallpapers, Messages, photos, Greetings for Subho Maha Saptami


Happy Maha Saptami 2021

Maha Saptami Will be Celebrated on Wednesday, 12 October Durga Ashtami 2021 in India 12 October 2021 In this post we have shared some of the best message quotes for Maha Saptami for you, and shared the picture. If you like it, please share it with your loved ones. Congratulations by sharing. Maha Saptami 2021 Wishes Images Quotes Photos Status Wallpaper –

The festival of Durga Ashtami is celebrated on the eighth day of Navratri. Mahagauri avatar of Maa Durga is worshiped on this day. After the worship, Kanya Puja is also done, without which the worship of Mahagauri is not complete. On this day people congratulate their friends and relatives by sending Durga ashtami quotes, images. Today we have brought for you special Sms, wishes of Durga Ashtami which you can send to your friends.

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 Subho Maha Saptami 2021 

Hopefully these colors of Maha Saptami festival will stay with us forever. Hopefully the joy of this Shardiya festival will touch all the members of the family. Best wishes for Durga Puja.

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Happy Durga Puja 2021 Wishes Quotes Status Greetings Messages Photos

  I hope Mother Durga will illuminate your path to success. Now let Durga Puja bring happiness to our family. On behalf of me, I extend my best wishes and prostrations to all the families.


Our life is a journey and hopefully that journey will turn into a beautiful journey of happiness, prosperity and success with the blessings of the mother. Happy Durga festival 2021

  Ma Durga is coming home, a year later Pujo rang at home, keep reading and writing… Happy Maha Saptami festival 2021

 Maha Saptami 2021 Wishes & Messages

  Everyone's mind will be decorated in a new way

  On the day of worship, laughter will cut happily all the time

  After a few days, the mother will leave with tears in her eyes

  Put it under your feet, Ma Durga. "

  Mother, mother, you are the guarantor of the heart

  Do good to all three eyes

  Let me tell you my thoughts

  May your mother bless you

  The pull of happiness felt in the heart

  Mother's victory will be in the Durga puja  "

Subho Maha Saptami festival 2021

  Across the globe of the month of Ashwin

  Bhole leaves his father's Kailash

  Like swinging in the forest of Kas

  The mother-in-law comes and covers the area. "

  The sound of drums can be heard. The arrival tune of the mother of the arrival tune has started. It is a fun game, so I congratulate you on this happy day.

 Happy Maha Saptami 2021

Maha Saptami 2021 Quotes

  Friends will open the closed door

  Year after year there will be happy arrangements again

  Mother's arrival across the autumn sky

  Durgati Nashini's mother will read Sri-Charan "

  Pujo means rafting clouds in the forest

  Lost childhood found in the melody of arrival "

  The smell of worship floats in the autumn air

  I woke up in the morning sky after reading Chandi

  I will go to see the Tagore Metro car in Kolkata

  If he falls in his eyes, his heart will rise. "

  Time goes by as the days go by

  At the end of the game, the mother leaves

  Be good wherever you are

  Remember my mother in the farewell tune. "

  Your mercy is a force of hundreds

  I didn't want more without your feet

  Tumito shakti mago dao sabik mukti

  Stay, mother, I will do your devotion for a few more days

  The mind danced to the beat of the drum from the fifth to the tenth

  Forget all the work and enjoy the world

  The mother will only say goodbye after these few days

  Waiting for my mother to stay home for years to come. "

  The cover of abandonment rang out

  I don't care,

  Clouds come and go in the blue sky

  May the blessings of the mother be fulfilled.

  - Happy victory

  My mother is gone

  Tell mom to come again,

  Happiness merges with sorrow

  Happy Maha Saptami 2021

Maha Saptami 2021 Greetings

  Stay, mother, don't leave for a few more days

  Why don't you come once or twice a year?

  On the evening of Dashmi, everyone paints a picture of despair

  Joy Ma Durga says I don't want to give you my heart to go ”

  Streams of tears in everyone's eyes

  Sindur was given throughout

  Pujari puja seemed to end

  Mother's abandonment in a vessel of water "

  Will be again next year

  Mother will return to her home again

  Will have to wait a long time

  How is the mind today? "

  Happy and sad night and day

  Say Joy Durga all together

  We all call my mother

  Moder brother will get rid of all sorrows

  In the Puranas you are Mama Jogmaya

  In Kali you are Mahamaya

  In Kailash you are mother Shiva's wife

  In nature, mother, you are a demon

  Chandi, you are my mother, you are Shivani

  Happy Saptami 2021

  The golden sky is the cool breeze

  A glimpse of happiness in the world today

  Today is the ninth puja of mother Durga

  Mother Dashbhuja filled the earth "

  In the farewell tune of the drum stick

  Bored mind,

  Mother Mahamaya left

  Abandonment today.

  - Happy Maha Saptami 2021

  Today is the end of the festival

  The game of vermilion will begin,

  Who is the mother in mind

  Water trickles in these two eyes.

  Happy Maha Saptami festival

  “My mother is in Love 💕

  I bow to you again and again

  I worship Maar with my heart and soul

  Happy Maha Saptami 2021

  The raft floated in the autumn clouds

  The cough began to swell,

  The stick fell on the lid

  Pujo katuk fatafati.

  - Happy Maha Saptami

  “Mother Durga, you have no comparison

  You are the mother of the whole world. "

  Today Durga Puja is on the side

  New outfits in new ways

  Sejeche today barely in deep joy

  Merciful Durga, I bow to you. "

  *** Subho Maha Saptami 2021 ***

  “Enjoy in Ashtami, play Sindur in Dashami

  I'll hang out with you

  Pujo afternoon and evening "

  The seventh day begins with the banana bath

  At the first sight of the morning, the mind is guru

  I have paid homage to Ashtami all together

  He spends the ninth day playing songs and quizzes. "

  “The stick was placed on the cover of Durga Puja in the month of Ashwin

  When the light of the autumn sky shines, the soil becomes gold

  Fill everyone's mind, Mother Antarami

  I wish you a great Ashtami today. "

  “Durga Puja has come year after year

  Let's all have fun together

  At the end of Anjali, everyone will turn around

  I will read Punjabi sari

  Pie Payes Sweet Sandesh

  I will eat at everyone's house "

  *** Subho Maha saptami 2021***

  The year has come and gone this time around

  White clouds play hide and seek around the sky

  Someone will wear new clothes with red ribbon on their head

  The tide of joy is flowing on the earth. "

  *** Subho maha saptami 2021***

  “Alpana of hyacinth flowers are scattered along the way

  The imagination of a thousand poets on the wings of the cloud

  The golden colors play in the sunlight in the clouds

  The days of Durga Puja have come to an end. ”

  *** Subho Maha saptami 2021 ***

  Today mother came to the house in the form of Durga

  The nectar of happiness flows from the village to the city

  Goddess Mahamaya in Maha Saptami

  Maya Mohit is all over the world today "

  “Let the grief go away with the arrival of mother Durga

  That's where everyone is

  Hyacinths fall on the grass

  Cough flowers bow to the mother

  The arrival of bad worship all around

  I heard that the feet of Durga mother are rich

  Happy Maha Saptami to all today "

  The sky is blue with clouds

  Cough flowers are on the ground

  The crazy tune of that drum

  Sounds pretty good. "

  Durga Puja Messages in Bengali

  “Mother Durga came in Panchami with her weapon from ten

  Mete took his mother and was all busy with joy

  He came with four children but did not forget

  Bhola's father smeared ashes with pride

  Bodhan puja will be held on the sixth floor

  Worship of the goddess on the seventh day in the courtyard of the house

  There will be dance songs on the auspicious occasion of Mahaashtami

  Rejoice, open your heart and soul. ”

  Today is the song of arrival in the middle of a bad mind

  I call on mother of the world "

  “Clouds float in the blue sky of autumn

  Mother Durga's chariot will come and light the darkness

  Worship of joy in the air in the sky today

  Mother Dashbhuja is coming as Bhuvan Mahini "

  The smell of pujo pujo is wafting in the sky today, white cough flowers are blowing in the autumn wind, the arrival of Durga puja with mahalaya, mother's awakening in the sixth one a week later ”

  Durga Puja Greetings in Bengali

  “Let everyone have a good day of Pujo

  I wish everyone good luck

  Ananda laughter song with love and more fun

  Let friendship and love fill your mind and soul ”

  Ma Durga is coming to us a year later

  So how much preparation is going on in every house

  The fair will sit at the corners and play the light

  Aarti will be played in the evening, drums and drums will be played ”

  “In the seventh, eighth and great ninth

  Give homage to mother Janani with devotion

  Dhak drums and conch shells will be played in worship

  Puja mandapa smells of fragrant flower garland incense

  Dhanuchi dance in the evening Aarti

  Enjoy the day from child to old ”